Launch party with DJ Priest and Lorena Sánchez (QUO Magazine)
Screening of competing music videos

C/ Medico Pascual Pérez, 8. ALICANTE
21:30 h.


Front Line Assembly: Arbeit

Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, CANADA

In a not-so-distant future, an ordinary working man wakes up from a daze and realizes something is wrong.

The Terror Adaptors – ‘Blast Off!’

Peter Renzullo, AUSTRALIA

The debut video clip from the nerdcore rockers of Perth, Western Australia – six lunatics find themselves strapped inside a rocket, battling a mad scientist and it’s robot crew, with only three minutes to spare! This project was crowdfunded to a minuscule $3k, with the sets and props being made from 90% recycled materials and refuse.

Monte Darwin

Bela Paprena, ARGENTINA

A mountainous and sonorous cord runs through a song from beginning to end. It culminates in Mount Darwin, where only vibrations filtered by the four consciousness centers ​​reach the top.

Mo Yaro

Ugo Vittu, Peter the Moon. FRANCE

After finding a precious stone, Lass finds himself propelled back in time to various periods in human history. In the past and the future, Lass will discover many wonders and dances leading him to reconnect with his culture.


Enrico Giannacco, ITALY

The title refers to the inability of the protagonist of the piece to learn from his own mistakes. He is practically addicted to error and remains in a vicious circle in which he keeps making mistakes. He fails to get rid of it, there is something morbid about it consolatory in being able to justify ourselves by saying “I made a mistake again, but basically that’s how I am”.



Ogi, UK

A horizon line goes as far as the eye can see. It is a line without direction. If you were to draw a line from your point into the horizon, imagine a vector from the direction of your gaze going deep into the horizon line as if there was a dimensionality to it. That is the Vector Horizon and within that space exists Featuring the ‘Fourfold’: Earth, Sky, Mortals and Divinities. Chorismos. Featuring the ‘Fourfold’ : Earth, Sky, Mortals and Divinities. The seeding ritual of Drones calls upon the divine, the ancient, the godhead, the celestial. ‘It was Technology that was trying to recreate itself through thinking it was something else. To thinking and imagining it was whatever inhabited this place before…’ All this wrapped as an AI fevered dream.