Original Idea

The ROS Film Festival is an original idea of El Caleidoscopio Proyectos de Ciencia y Cultura, which has been developing the project Programa tu Obra for two years, a drama and short film competition where robots and humans are the protagonists. In its first two editions, the project has focused mainly on primary and secondary school students, introducing them into the development of Art and Technology projects that merge the performing arts with robotics.

In the Second Edition of Programa tu Obra, 50 schools and over 2,500 students were involved. The development of the projects was made possible through the collaboration of more than one hundred teachers from different disciplines: Technology, IT, Spanish, English, Valencian, French and Art. The high participationachieved in these two editions, along with the satisfaction shown by participants (teachers and students) and the excellent final results, have made us realise the growth potential of the project.

El Caleidoscopio Proyectos de Ciencia y Cultura S.L, is a company partially owned by the Universidad Miguel Hernández from Elche. Since it was started in 2011 it has specialized in the development of projects that embrace social, cultural, scientific and technologicalfields.

Among its most important projects is Big Neurona, an interactive mobile museum shaped like a giant brain cellwhere participants get into a maze of mirrors and travelthrough the different parts that make up brain cells.

Within the scope of neuroscience it has also developed Experimentazz, a show where, through humour and music, the members of the audience learn how the rational and the emotional parts of our brain work. In the technological field, it is worth noting La Feria Aérea, a project in which Secondary and Upper-secondary School students learn how to build social drones, which are displayed at the end of the school year in an exhibition.