Since the early days of cinema robots have been an inspiration for great directors: Fritz Lang, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, etc. starring in an endless list of films. In recent years, film production with robotics theme has experimented a special boom, mainly due to the technological evolution of robots themselves, but also because the relationship between humans and machines is getting closer and closer and is increasingly becoming part of the social imaginary.

The Robotic Online Short Film Festival (ROS Film Festival) is presented as the first online short film festivalwith robotics theme and aims to become a reference online festival.

In addition to establishing a new space for dialogue between art, science and technology, the main aim of the Robotic Online Short Film Festival (ROS Film Festival), is to be able to elucidate how this imaginary we previously referred to is made up, by making creators and viewers reflect on a not so distant society where we share our daily life with social robots, those who are capable of interacting and empathizing with humans or among themselves.

We believe it is important to encourage direct contact between the worlds of film and robotics, by creating works that invite us to reflect. Thus, the ROS Film Festival aims to promote collaboration between amateurs and / orprofessionals from the world of cinema and robotics in joint ventures such as the production of short films.

Internet is the ideal means for the exhibition of the ROS Film Festival. Its potential to generate and share knowledge, ensures that the festival takes place in an international, accessible, interactive and cooperative setting, while it will be useful in order to set up a large base of organized knowledge about the utopias and dystopias that are awakened by robotics in the contemporary social imaginary. As new technologies converge in the Internet cloud and it becomes the great brain, the memory of humanity, we hearabout the rise of cloud robotics. Robots are connected to the cloud to take advantage of its computing capacity, data storage and management, turning it perhaps in the future, into their greatest source of knowledge. Who knows if in future editions of ROS Festival, robots themselves will be our audience.