Paul Roux – Bapteme

Alessandro Amaducci, ITALY

An astronaut trapped in a cage made of data is looking for a place. After a few attempts he realizes that he is looking for someone. He finds himself in another place where cyber insects are building another world, also closed. There is a person waiting for him. Finally the encounter between the two creatures can produce an alchemical and technological marriage able to free them.

Own it all

Fiorella Coto Segnini, Arara Films. SPAIN

Along with this kind of “beef”, a doll is used as a representation of the people to whom Sara sings to; a false character, without its own life, whom they have to “disguise” to be liked. She allows and even helps him to be activated but he falls on his own weight.

Heart of Ice

René Schweitzer, Sebastian Utech. GERMANY

Music video by the band Neon Rain. It’s electro disco funk and tells the story of cooled down relationship between an older woman and a robot.

Mikezinga – Pass the mic

Lorenzo Clemente, ITALY

Mikezinga is a giant MC robot who defends the earth from alien invasions by dissing.

Simon Sub – Space Cake (Music Video)

Thomas Stempfle, GERMANY

A space adventure. Everyone gets ready for the party in space. Epic Drop!

The Prophet’ [Music Video] by The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara

Daphne Ang, Andrea Papi. UNITED KINGDOM

The events of the recent years, and this really made us realise the vulnerability of human life and how fragile our systems and societies have become.

Screen Boys

Paul Polze, GERMANY

The music video “Screen Boys” brings electronic music from “Projekt Sessellift” to the people. In its own aesthetic ways like magnetic tape based media in the combination with newer production technics like A.I. motion capturing and photogrammetrie. Over all the music video “Screen Boys” make the materiality in his images to its own topic.

Disco Robots (In The Night)

René Schweitzer, Sebastian Utech. GERMANY

When the Disco Robot comes out at night, everything goes!

ᛉ Futuro del Pasado ᛉ

Daviz Torío Bodero, SPAIN

The essence of “Future of the Past” comes from Gabi’s personal experience, who according to his own words, in a bad moment of his life, discovers a part of reality that he was not aware of but that had always been there for him. “Future of the past” is not just a song, neither is it a simple videoclip, it is an attempt to tell a story; the story of Gabi trying to get out of a depression through the discovery of his most spiritual part.

Latent Space

Nicolai Sagasser, GERMANY

“””Latent Space”” is a mesmerizing music video that delves into the captivating story of a young man’s immersive journey into a virtual reality experience. As he becomes immersed in this artificial world, he finds himself captivated by a female AI character who possesses her own unique struggles and aspirations. While the man grapples with the blurred boundaries between reality and illusion, questioning what is genuine and what is fabricated, the AI character embarks on a remarkable exploration of humanity, constantly striving to become more human than humans themselves.

Heart of the robot

Sergiusz Wasilewski, POLAND

A single female scientist builds herself a partner. Not everything goes according to plan.


Katery, Edgar Pavía. MEXICO

TWO WORLDS is the first chapter of Katery’s first rock-electropop opera. Based on her science fiction story “Undoubtedly Intertwined”, which tells the evolution and awakening of Ky. Every song plays as a chapter.