Anastasia Malkhazova, GERMANY

In the nearest future, everybody will have an electronic chip implanted, connecting “all-in-one” Computer-System. A young woman is in love with her boyfriend, who is a cyber-thief and, besides, has no regular ID code. The girl intends to find her boyfriend’s ID code despite his refusal. While searching for it, she looses her own ID. It appears that her boyfriend have never existed.

The Begin Influencer

Enzo bossio, ITALY

In the near future, after the occurrence of a catastrophic event, social networks change in an unexpected way.

Aurora, 2068

Gustavo S.D. Brandão, Javier A. Contreras. BRAZIL

In the year 2068, large technological corporations offer the world “eternization”, a procedure that guarantees the storage of the memories of a dying person for their future implementation in synthetic bodies, still in the testing phase. It is in the midst of this new paradigm of humanity that a 70-year-old woman and her centenarian mother enter into a dilemma about the meaning of living and dying.

The gospel according to Tauba and Primal

Márcia Deretti, Márcio Júnior, BRAZIL

The Gospel According to Tauba and Primal” is part of the rebellion of the Tauba character with the violence and urban chaos of the metropolis where he lives. As an alternative, he creates and realizes the project of an ideal city, a fortress-city robot. Moved by envy, Primal develops its own version of the robot-city of Tauba. The short is an allegory about the contemporary confrontation between two antagonistic perspectives on life and society, where issues such as radicalism, inability to dialogue and segregation of the world divided by walls are exposed.

Witches of Everland II

Daniel Ralph Zerbst, GERMANY

After the very successful first part of the fantastic shortfilm-trilogy “Witches of Everland” (6 time Award winner, 6 nominations / finalist), the story goes on. In Witches of Everland II, the magical odyssey of a little mechanical owl continues. Revived in the garden of an octopus and leaving the wilderness, the little automat discovers a futuristic city and the world of humans. His adventures also lead him into the strange world of the witches of Everland. A surreal parallel world of magic, rituals and secrets. Does Love exist in this strange world?

Gérard Lucas

Hani Gimna, GERMANY

In this experimental performance film, Hani Gimna intersect how a historical neurodivergent figure named Gérard Lucas experiences and handles language with the process of an Artificial Intelligence(AI) image generator creating images. Both practices have in common that the mediating role of the mediums takes priority over the meaning. She looks at performance through the lens of Gérard and AI, that is mediated by the act of filming with choreographed camera movements.

I Hear future Voices

Julian Pixel Schmiederer, Nives Meloni. AUSTRIA

Hear Future Voices is here to question the power and influence of AI-based voice assistant systems on human life, both in the present and in the near future. Backed by scientific research in the field, the film proposes an artistic insight into the everyday use of voice assistants. The three constitutive parts of this visual project catapult viewers into disparate realities between utopia and dystopia.


Barbara Peikert, SWITZERLAND

The protagonist Pluto-n flits across the snowy landscapes as a shadow actor. A red dot lets the aliens know that Pluto-n is on a unique mission in search of wishes. He is torn between pursuing his mission and simultaneously standing up for his natural surroundings, which he sees as his point of light.