Myles Baker, Jaye Blunden, Daniel Chester, Nazly Sabit, Eliot Swain. UNITED KINGDOM

On a desert planet, a lone robot continues its lonely search for life


Doc Sims, CANADA

On a Distant Moon, Man sends his Machines out into the Unimaginable to find Signs of Life. But what it finds isn’t what Man wanted, it is what Machine needed.

Dear Ada

Jose Daniel Garcia Bermejo, SPAIN

Ana is a bit naughty and can’t focus on class, ehich is driving he mom kind of mad. An unspected frind will change her way of seeing the world.

Pipe Dream

the School of Design & Media, Nanyang Polytechnic. SINGAPORE

In the far future, a tyrant prince rules. All food, except jelly, is banned. The hope of tasting the flavours of the past is nothing but a Pipe Dream


Stiv Spasojevic, FRANCE

This is the story of a meeting between an astonishing robot from outer space and an adorable little bird just hatched from its egg…

Bird Drone

Radheya Jang Jegatheva, AUSTRALIA

A lonely seagull looking for love struggles to accept that his newfound object of affection is a human-operated drone with a limited battery life.


Andrey Oliver, Enzo Bonini, Julia Marques, Marina Lobo, Pedro Mancini. BRAZIL

In a desolate dystopian world where humanity has long been extinct, a robot scavenges for parts to rebuild a companion while tending to a treasured oasis – a radiant greenhouse that stands as a fragile testament to the beauty that once graced the Earth. On his journey, he encounters a beetle, forming a valuable friendship. Together, they embark on a journey filled with discovery, bringing hope and connection in the midst of desolation.


Daniel Peixoto, Matheus Funari. BRAZIL

Afraid of becoming dumb like his uncle, a boy decides to click on a suspicious ad that promises to give him intelligence, but this desire is projected in unusual proportions.


Chun Lam Li, HONG KONG

Yuck is a cartoon character with a soul and consciousness. However, his destiny is not under his own control. Since Yuck is judged as an unqualified character, the character designer completely deletes Yuck. In the trash bin, Yuck meets other unqualified cartoon characters, and accidentally find a way to escape from the digital prison.