While we are deeply immersed in the phase of reception of short films and working hard, with enthusiasm and affection after the release of ROS Film Festival (Robotic Online Short Film Festival) last April 14, we are preparing the presentation of ROS Film Festival at the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Sitges). The event will take place on October 12 at 7 pm.

Sitges Festival, which celebrates its 49th edition this year, is the first fantastic film festival in the world and for decades it has been a reference and an essential meeting point for film buffs and audiences interested in new trends and technologies applied to the audiovisual field. Therefore, and for the quality and diversity of its programming and parallel events, Sitges Festival is the perfect venue to present the ROS Film Festival to the general public and to the audiovisual sector in particular. The leitmotiv of this edition, the Star Trek saga, which celebrates this year the 50th anniversary of the release of its first episode on NBC, largely represents the spirit with which ROS Film Festival is born: a reflection on technology and a future that can be much better if mankind works together for it.

This event will be the first of many that we intend to hold to share knowledge, culture, ideas and fun, such as a meeting that will take place in March next year, bringing together members of our jury, experts and representatives of different associations at the University Miguel Hernández to take stock of the experience of ROS Film Festival and discuss the diverse perspectives on the technological advances that are being developed today.

The presentation will take place at the Espai FNAC, located on the outside of the Hotel Melia Sitges, home of the Festival, on October 12 at 7 pm. Representing the ROS Film Festival will be Ricardo Domínguez, director, and Ángeles Gómez, scientific advisor, as moderator. We will also count with the presence of Mike Hostench, deputy director of the Sitges Festival, Carme Torras, a researcher in the field of robotics, science fiction writer and a member of the jury of ROS Film Festival and Jordi Sánchez Navarro, a professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) programmer of the section Anima’t of the Sitges Festival and also a member of our jury.

We will discuss the characteristics and purposes of ROS Film Festival, the relationship between technology and art and different aspects related to the direction that the technological advances that are being developed today are taking or could take. We will also advance information from other parallel projects such as ROS Network, born in the environment of ROS Film Festival and that aims to expand and deepen into the issues raised by the festival.

For those visiting Sitges on October 12, we will be waiting for you at 7 pm in the Espai Fnac and for all of you on our website and our new video channel, where you can enjoy, besides our audiovisual material, short films out of competition to start warming things up before December, when the participating short films that we expect to receive until November 20 will be uploaded.