The presentation on the big screen of the short films in competition at ROS Film Festival will take place within the framework of FIAC, the contemporary art festival promoted by the Cultural Institute of León, a meeting of the world’s avant-garde of all artistic expressions, which has been held in this city of the state of Guanajuato since 1994.

El Caleidoscopio, the organization responsible for the ROS Film Festival, as well as presenting a selection of short films in competition, will hold a robotic drama workshop during the FIAC at the Museum of Leonese Identities , in which young Mexicans will produce a play with robots as main characters and will perform it at the María Grever Theatre of León.

FIAC 2016 will take place from November 24 to December 3, thanks to the participation of the government, private initiative and citizenship, around the theme Glitch and Singularity.

According to the director of the Cultural Institute of León, Carlos Maria Flores Riveira, the intention is to make it an inclusive festival, defending the fact “that contemporary art and science, because also science and technology are part of the development of this activity, permeate the different strata and in different ways in the actors involved in the development of the city” as well as opening the festival to audiences that do not usually have opportunity to attend such meetings.