Many months of intense work, a total of 200 short films submitted, 40 of them selected and an important event, ROS Fest 2018, Robotic Culture Festival.

On September 14 and 15 we will celebrate the great festival of robotic cinema at Las Naves  in Valencia. A robotics, cinema and communication marathon  that will give physical presence to ROS Film Festival.

During ROS Fest 2018 we will decide the awards for the II edition and we have organized several parallel activities for artificial intelligence and cinema fans, in which we will have important professionals from the engineering, film and communication areas. All activities will be FREE and you can get tickets in our EventBrite profile.

Friday, September 14

We open the Festival and the ExpoShowroom that will be with us every day during the event. The activities will start in the evening.

6 p.m. ≠DOGMA COBRA≠. Showroom. “Replicant 4D”. Quadraphonic montage based on the universe of Blade Runner:

7 p.m. Discussion. Library. ‘From engineering to cinema’ (English). Round table moderated by Natalia Pérez Galdós, where Neal Hartman, Concha Monje and Jon Ander will discuss how engineering and robotics have influenced cinema.

8 p.m. Library. Screening of the short films.

9 p.m. Library. Live Turing test. Would you be able to guess if the speaker is a machine or a robot?

10 p.m. – 1 a.m. Music and performances The Liquid Mirror, Substuff and Miclono


Saturday, September 15

Family morning. Children’s matinée and workshops.

Saturday morning will be devoted to a family audience. If you like films and robots, do not miss the Discussion on Robotics and Fiction by great professionals. Moderated by Carolina Moreno Castro, Professor of Journalism at the University of Valencia, it will start at 11:30 am in the Library. The first meeting of the day where Javier Ordóñez, Guadalupe Arensburg and Jordi Sánchez Navarro will participate.

But first, at 11 am, for the enjoyment of the youngest ones, there will be a FREE Robotics Workshop. They will learn how to programme a humanoid robot through playing. Registration is open through this link.

Both activities will overlap. At the end, animated short films will be screened so that the whole family can enjoy good robotic cinema.


Reflections, jury’s decision and live music evening

6 p.m. The evening begins in the Exhibition Hall with the screening based on the Blade Runner universe by ≠DOGMA COBRA≠.

At 7 pm, new reflections. Discussion ‘New Media Arts’ led by Lorena Sánchez, editor-in-chief of QUO magazine; Ricardo Iglesias, Montxo Algora and María José Martínez de Pisón will participate.

At 9 p.m. we will get to know the winners of the II edition. The awards for the II edition of ROS Film Festival will be announced, and then,  at 10 pm, the selected short films will be screened.

The final touch to ROS Fest 2018 will be a party. Parade  concert is scheduled for 10:30 p.m. and sessions by Djs Radiosierra at 10 p.m. and MidTia from 12 a.m.


Expo Showroom

ROS Fest 2018 will also have, during the days of the event, an exhibition space with the latest technological developments.

Impossible Things​:Virtual Reality Exhibition by Canadian artists Alex Mayhew and Ian Kelso. It is an exhibition that combines traditional art with new technologies of augmented reality to “mix” seven paintings of the permanent collection of the AGO (The Art Gallery of Ontario​), dándoles vida bajo una nueva luz.

Videoarte:Screening of experimental short films presented at the ROS Film Festival.

Innoarea Projects​:  Virtual ​Realityand Augmentedl ​Reality. Extreme interactive multisensory experience.​:​ Move your camera. The perfect support for filmmakers. 1/5 scale car by remote control to record stable images with stabilizer and cameras up to 4 kg.

El Caleidoscopio: El Caleidoscopio presents its projects of art, technology and society with drones, 3D printers and … robots.

FIlm Robothon

The event will also host the first Film Robothon from September 13 to 16. A hackathon for multidisciplinary teams whose aim is the creation of a short film using robots within four days.

From September 14 to 15, we will be waiting for you in Valencia at ROS FEST 2018.