ROS Film Festival is steadily making headway. Since March 2018 we are part of EURASF, “European Academy of Science Film”. Our festival is included within the European science festivals that comprise it, a total of 14, as well as within its members, since Ricardo Domínguez, ROS Film Festival director, is also part of EURASF along with 39 other personalities from the areas of cinema and science.

EURASF, “European Academy of Science Film” is a non-profit organization that was born with the aim of promoting and supporting science films and film festivals throughout Europe. Its work is structured around several axes:

  • Support and promote European scientific films.
  • Foster a European network of scientific communicators, filmmakers, film producers and festival organizers in Europe.
  • Organize and implement symposiums, events and courses on topics related to scientific communication.
  • Promote and continue the exchange of experiences among members.
  • Cooperate with other organizations on a national and international level.
  • Encourage the supply of scientific films for an interested audience, including students, teachers and scientists.
  • Support good science films and filmmakers through programmes and projects.
  • Award, once a year, the prize to the “Best European Scientific Film”.

The European Academy of Science Film has as a premise scientific dissemination through films. Art and Science, together. ROS Film Festival, as a member of EURASF, will work in order to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge through our festival and through any action or event that we attend as part of the Academy.