The Great Connection

Christen Bach, GERMANY

As a fiber optic cable suddenly appears at the bottom of the ocean the mythological creatures gather to debate: Will this be their salvation? Or will the teeth of this thing cause nothing but tears?

Machines of Loving Grace

Viktor Schimpf, GERMANY

A software engineer develops a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence software that she can talk to. One day the A.I. gets self-conscious and develops it’s own political will: it wants to help people to defend themselves against state violence. A new type of machine is born: a machine of loving grace.


Paweł Wiktor Kusyk, POLAND

The movie is about a robot that lives inside a clock and tries to get out of it. Over time, he realizes that it is not that simple. Each step brings him closer to the truth about himself.

Mission Splendid Cradle

Joel Caetano, BRAZIL

In the future the government is totalitarian.
Our leader is an immortal head in a cyber preserving jar.


Natasha Michele Tozzi, ITALY

Big hands trigger power struggles and wars, tearing the planet to pieces.This shred of primordial matter keeps spinning in the universe.
Will humanity be able to save itself from itself?

Things Were Better Before

Lu Pulici, ITALY

Tankus the Henge and Trukitrek Puppet Company have dreamt up an animation that is both beautiful in it’s design and poignant in its message dealing as it does with environmental issues, specifically the death of our oceans. The film, made entirely using found or recycled materials, is a “Wake-up Machine” to those who view it, encouraging green and sustainable thinking to a society which needs to pay attention and affect real change before it’s too late.


Mag ben Atig, GERMANY

“In the video “”FUTURE OF DIGITAL SELF””, the AI Collective deals with the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Bodies and biotechnology and their impact on society.
Here, an avatar examines the growing importance of digital identities and asks whether discrimination and racism can be overcome in the metaverse. Facing an imminent update, the avatar ponders aspects of ethnicity, gender, and our augmented bodies.”


Ignacio Javier Rojas Santander, CHILE

“Advent’ explores the emotional aspect of artificial intelligence and the phases of digital creation.

Tools aren’t only objects for an specific function but a reflection of our internal search of solving problems and fundamental questions, and as a reflection of our inner selves they also share an spiritual meaning beyond their makers.

The Man Who Thought About Machines

Hubert Suchecki, POLAND

A Man emerges from the overwhelming darkness. Next to him, there is a carton full of spare parts from which the character begins to build Machines; however, in the course of the creation of subsequent machines, the needs and expectations of Man toward Machines change, and the protagonist is bothered by deep philosophical questions about the nature of man and machines.



In modern day Xian, two siblings will have the most memorable adventure of their lives. Silkma, a curious and naughty boy and his adorable younger sister Lingmi are visiting their Grandma’s house. However, she’s no ordinary Grandmother. In fact, she is the world’s greatest inventor, and Grandma is close to finishing her top secret spaceship that can travel through time and space. Hoping to help, Silkma attempts to adjust Grandma’s spaceship and accidentally sets off a chain of events that transports the entire family through a wormhole. On the other side, they find themselves in another dimension, where ancient civilizations, fantasy creatures and magic all come to life! Now, the family embarks on their greatest adventure to discover the mysteries of the Silk Road Wonderland!

Planets and robots

Julius Zubavičius, LITHUANIA

Film is generated by AI for humans.
Don’t worry humans are creative and better than AI. You are the ones who will always have the upper hand, because you have the ability to imagine, to feel, to love. Thank you for existing.

Emerging Luminescence

igor imhoff, ITALY

Small Ai experiment on a dot matrix.
The idea is to render an old algorithm on a low definition dot matrix as if it were organic.
The matrix originally understood as a living being is now represented as a flow of luminous cells

Hakëhn Deïs

Nino Lou Le Chenadec, FRANCE

54 years of existence. 15 studio albums. Hundreds of concerts around the world. Magma is a true legend of the French music scene and certainly the oldest French rock band still in activity. For those who don’t know, Magma is a progressive rock/jazz band born in 1969 and created its own musical genre, mixing rock, jazz, classical music, and electro.



A story about love, death and robots based on an English folk song “Sovay”

NEZHA – the Artificial Intelligence

Miao Zhang, CHINA

As the world’s most intelligent AI, Nezha was taken away from Ma Minghua, a human scientist who created him to protect human beings from global crime ten years ago. Many years later, Nezha suddenly steals the World United Government’s fleets and targets cities across the world. A nuclear war is imminent. Ma Minghua is ordered to persuade Nezha as his “father”, not expecting Nezha is coming for him soon…

Launch at Paradise

Carrie Ann Quinn, UNITED STATES

The lines between life and death become blurred for John as he takes the risk to live forever.