Manu Hernandez, SPAIN

Irina Gringolts, a renowned violinist leading a social revolution under the slogan “Break the Silence”, comes back to the stage of her last concert to end the oppression of a dystopian society, controlled by a mechanical organism, through her most powerful weapon: Music.

The human game

Dani Alava, SPAIN

Maqueena, The Great Regent, introduces us to the New Paradigm, where Humanity lives in harmony with the Universe thanks to the evolution and leadership of machines. Isn’t it wonderful?
Utopia is real.

Electric Bodies

Antoine Janot, FRANCE

In a future where human memory is recorded on cards and biomechanical bodies are replaced by biological ones, anyone can change appearance following their mood, as long as they can afford it. But people who can not continue to rent their expensive bodies and are forced to abandon them. This is what threatens Emma Beaufort.

Clay Economy-Globalization

Bibiana Petrera, Monica Fibbi. ITALY

Alberto presents Alexa the domestic artificial intelligence that answers all our questions, even the most uncomfortable ones… where does it come from, where is it produced and at what price?

A Robot’s Dream

Morteza Halimi, AUSTRALIA

Two robots, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, roam the post apocalyptic world looking for humans to give them their purposes.

Once upon a time

Mélodie Gollé, FRANCE

A robot which evolves into a human being


Lida Zacharopoulou, GREECE

AI-generated images have nowadays become so realistic that distinguishing the real ones from the fakes is nearly impossible. Trained for days with massive data and GPUs scattered all around the world, they have crossed the borders of the Uncanny Valley into the hills of visual perfection.


Lorenzo Harani, FRANCE

A dystopian society ruled by machines where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

There Is Always Something in the Offing

Krzysztof Kiwerski, POLAND

There Is Always Something in the Offing” is a surrealistic anecdote that brings up the subject of human cruelty and rising in power artificial intelligence. Will the aggression and intolerance rooted in humans from the dawn of time be passed on to machines equipped with AI?


Zahm Waters, CANADA

“A.i. Movie” is a movie that was entirely made by AI and explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity in filmmaking. (AI wrote that)


Bernardo Alevato, BRAZIL

An experiment with time, form and movement in a generative dance film using AI and video

Somnio Ergo Sum

Michal Špitálský, CZECH REPUBLIC

An AI takes millions of inputs and rehashes them into something semi-new. The same thing human brain does when sleeping. Humans call it “dreams”.


David Rodríguez García, CUBA

A character wakes up in a dirty world, moves forward and on his way he activates levers and mechanisms that alter elements around him. On his way he sees things that appear to be harmful and that change according to his decisions. At the end of the path he discovers a world similar to the first. His actions, without realising it, affect another world.

Glitching Offshore

Sara Ferro, Chris Weil, ITALY

If a machine would possess a soul it might be a beach. Every single sand corn symbolizes a data-set of a memory captured in the world wide web saved deep down in the ocean. From there the bytes condense and finally reach the cloud. But how would it feel for a machine to see the glitch waves and feeling the shore stones on its case? What would be the colours of the coastline? Glitching Offshore tries to portrait the soul of an AI and the universe behind it. Glitching offshore, alike drifting away as in a psychogeographical dérive (furthermore, away from the “rive”: bank) where human intentional yet chaotic action is substituted by pixels’ stirrings of the soul.


Michele “Poty” Pautard, ITALY

Poty has taken on a new challenge with this music video for his new song “”Riminisce.”” Without any prior experience in 3D, directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and set design, he creates this project with a budget of a 1000€ and a 2016 workstation.

Homo Perfectus

Alki Politi. GREECE

Athens, 2021. Johnny, the first android robot of the market is ready and will operate as the perfect partner of influencer Youla. After the wedding, Youla progressively finds herself seeking of functions that Johnny is not programmed to offer