El Caleidoscopio presents one of its most ambitious projects today, the ROS Film Festival, an online short film festival where the attention will be focused on robots, who have a leading role in all the works submitted to the competition.

Following our philosophy of merging science and culture, we concentrate on robotics and cinema, two worlds wherethe boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred, allowing us to recreate and imagine future scenarios that are often beyond us and we consider uncertain.

We would like to invite all those professionals and amateurs who want to contribute their vision, experience and know-how in either of the worlds merged by the ROS Film Festival to take part in it.

We hope that in September, when the works are displayed, audiences as well as creators can enjoy the imagination and techniques of the short films presented. There is more tan enough potential out there, let your imagination fly and … Action!

Ricardo Dominguez
Executive Director of El Caleidoscopio.



Translated by Olga Lledó Oliver