ROS Film Festival continues to take major steps. That is why we have changed the date to decide the awards of the second edition. At first, July was the chosen month, but in order to give it greater projection we decided to change the dates to September 14 and 15 at Las Naves Innovation Centre in Valencia (Spain). There, the robotic cinema event will gather the members of the jury in two days of conferences that will be the prelude to the announcement of the winning short films.

ROS FEST 2018, as we have called the conferences, is an on-site event that takes place within the framework of a larger project such as ROS Film Festival, which is an online festival. ROS FEST 2018 will be a meeting devoted to Robotics, Cinema and Communication, where there will be discussions and round tables on the issues raised by ROS Film Festival: How will robots help us?, Could we get confused with them at some point?, How long will they be our servants? We will enjoy several performances, masterclasses, networking meeting points, live music, screening of the short films in competition and an Expo Showroom where different organizations will exhibit their most cutting-edge technological projects and where the attending public will be able to see and try first-hand some of the latest developments in the area of robotics, Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality, among others. More information about ROS FESt 2018 here.

Additionally, the event will also host the first Film Robothon. A hackathon for multidisciplinary teams, between 8 and 10 people, whose aim is the creation of a short film using robots created by themselves. And they will have to do it within a maximum of 3 days. There are three categories at the time of registration but only one at the time of participating, the category ROBOFILM.

We will slowly unveil all the professionals who will participate and the details of the scheduled events. We have several months of hard work ahead of us to turn ROS Film Festival into a well-established, quality festival with greater projection.