ROS Film Festival is an international festival, so in order to reach a greater number of directors and producers we have joined the festival and short film distribution platform FilmFreeWay, one of the most important platforms worldwide and the one that gathers more festivals.

Registering your short film at ROS Film Festival through FilmFreeWay is free and simple. You just have to register at FilmFreeWay, access our festival on the platform and follow the steps indicated. Your short film will be registered at ROS Film Festival in just a few minutes, as it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. In this way we get your work as well as the necessary details for the correct registration of the short film.

In our Rules  we explain in a graphic way how to register your works.

Once the materials have been downloaded and  once we have verified that they meet the requirements, ROS Film Festival organization will send an email to the contact person confirming their participation in the festival. If any file is missing or there is a correctable error, it will also be pointed out by email to the contact person.

The deadline for submitting new short films is June 30. Until then the festival is open to new works in any of its sections.