Screening of CYBERPUNK category

8 y 1/2, Alicante
18:30h. PACK 1
20:30h. PACK 2



Pack 1


Pablo Roldan, CHILE

In the not too distant future, in the Republic of Chile, the young detective Joyce Nova fulfills her functions in a thin horizon between law, morality and her particular vision of justice: after having suffered a horrendous crime firsthand. and that the criminal has been protected by the political power in office, his idealization of a just world has become dark and punctual. The closest thing to justice and criminal punishment, for Joyce, will be revenge. It will thus have A.D.A.M. before his analytical gaze a calculation of probabilities that, like Joyce, will lead him to the border, to the horizon of the law: that greyish space where, apparently, automation is lost and autonomy is gained, the feeling of ” To be”. Will it go through A.D.A.M. the threshold of your programming by Joyce or, perhaps, why justice demands it?

Remake Remodel

Alessandro Amaducci, ITALY

By shaping visual memories of human figures and architectural structures that come from a distant past, a creature made of data tries, through necessary accidents, to rebuild a future world.

In your eyes

Mallory Grolleau, FRANCE

She waits for him to kiss her. Remote, cold, inscrutable, is he still human ?



2237. The development of technology has led to information oversaturation – it has become difficult for people to navigate the flow of information and separate the truth from the lie. Due to world conflicts, mistakes of historians and political manipulations, the history of the Nation began to distort. This led to wrong decisions and began to threaten the further development of civilization. But not everyone was happy with this outcome…


Tania Nanavraki, Sotiris Petridis, GREECE

In the near future, a virtual reality service allows you to relive challenging decisions of your life and see how a different choice could affect the rest of your life.

Out of here

Helena Gudkova, UKRAINE

Who will preserve everything that I lived, that I thought, after I disappear? Those things that I did not fully understand on my own, but that burned in me with inner fire. Can you write wind in Java Script?


Marco Morelli, ITALY


Bassem L Azab, USA

The year 2045, Jack goes back home to hear 2 words from his girlfriend that turns his life upside down.


Ruben F. Stremiz, ARGENTINA

The concept of “Emptiness” is to change the point of view about knowledge in order to discover that evolution as beings is inside us.


Luciano Irrthum, BRAZIL


Roberto Oyarzun Susñar, CHILE

Life managed by technology, even in its smallest aspects, crystallizes human relations, which implies the stripping of the sovereignty of our empathy as subjects. To regain control of life, subjects may need to pay attention and submit consciously/voluntarily to the technology that governs them; because for the unknowing subject called, it is easier to follow an already guided action that presents less of a challenge to act or to shelter under the complicity of someone who will protect them without questioning the health of their ontology. Life managed by technology, even in its most important aspects, crystallizes human relations, which means stripping the sovereignty of our empathy as subjects. To regain control of life, subjects may need to pay attention and some knowledge consciously/voluntarily to the technology that governs them; due to the fact that the stranger is called a subject, it is easier to follow an already guided action which presents us with less of a challenge to act or watch under the complicity of someone who protects them without questioning the health of their ontology.


Martin Basile, ITALY

A man finds out that his housekeeping android Alexia, instead of going to the supermarket, is seeing someone.

Digital mattering

Eva Jägle, Christoph Müller, AUSTRIA

How to become digital and overcome the bodily conditions in an experimental setting, which allows us to dream.

Real World: Story of Chaos

Lucas Gomes da Silveira, BRAZIL

People are always thinking about their lives. Then they die. Real World: Story of Chaos is a sad tale about the (non)existence of human life.


Steve X-Vida, SPAIN

A man talks to his wife; A woman’s voice answers her, but she is physically absent. There is something that does not end up fitting.


Marguerite Hayter, FRANCE

A young woman and a boy, isolated in the countryside, live in an abandoned henhouse. Far from technology and society, they try to reconnect with their bodies, nature and the other.


Nicolás Aranda, SPAIN

Now is too late. Just a small group of scientists still lives in the Earth, in an isolated base to the climate disaster we provoked. The rest of us, we have our consciences locked in computers. We can just wait, or maybe not.

IKARUS – “20

Francesco Orlando, ITALY

In a dystopian future, the geography of the world is radically changed due to human activities. A tech toy Company loses a top-secret device during its transport, cause of a sudden hurricane. The founder of the Company Mr. Harry Flag and his beautiful assistant Nora, want to absolutely recover the lost device in the open sea, using a neural control robot, a Hi-tech prototype never drove; the robot become active thanks to a young wizard of the videogames: Victor. Some corrupt politicians and dishonest managers plan a cruel hunting to steal the lost precious device; the protagonists fall in spy traps and political skullduggery, their difficult recovery becomes a dangerous

Pack 2

Human Trash

Aitor Almuedo Esteban, SPAIN

A boy is thrown into a trash container from the future. In his frantic search for the exit, he runs into a misterious man, who will make him doubt the origin of his own existence.

Pygmalion Infection

Eskandari Fard, BULGARIA

The animated dance drama Pygmalion Infection corresponds to the latest trends in contemporary dance, and animation that explores human behavior in its interaction with robot dolls, Internet addiction known as “digital heroin,” and violence against women. The plot is built as a fantastic love drama between the main character Pygmalion and an android doll. One of the most all-consuming problems of our world, namely loneliness, is being studied. An eccentric sound-music environment uses the eclecticism of the unique sound of classical music by J.S. Bach, opposed and combined with different sound atmospheres and drum rhythms. In the psychopathology of the 21st century, new all-consuming addictions are taking place, but rediscovered through the eyes of the ancient transformation, the ancient Greek myth of Pygmalion is presented in an eccentrically relevant way. Examining the reflections of the topic in modern times, the statistical forecast indicates that by 2033 every tenth sexual contact in the world will be between a man and an android.

Coeur de neige

Téo Criqui, Clément Serralta, Baptiste Malbranque, Justine Hémery, Chloé Stemmelin, Cannelle Courtois Maginot

Anna is an android. When her condition makes her obsolete, she decides to flee the civilization on board an old train, in order to preserve what is most precious to her.

Aisles – Fast (Official Music Video)

Silvia Prietov, COLOMBIA

Encapsulated in a cyberpunk aesthetic Fast is an analogy of the similarities between fiction and reality. The reality Chile and the world are experiencing. Social outbreaks, police brutality, intolerance, inequality. Fast is about following a purpose with everything you got, never giving in to those in power even when the whole world is set against you.


Ernesto Bazzano, ARGENTINA

In a metropolis covered by a great dome, the homeless are turned into robots to exploit the last resources of a barren land turned into a great desert. The few who manage to flee take refuge in small towns outside the dome. In one of these cities, the inhabitants find 4232, a “robotized” who still retains his conscience and they see it as the possibility of recovering their family and friends.

Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two Stargazers


After thousands of years since the extinction of the human race on Earth, an astronaut named Gladia lands on the now uninhabited planet. Gladia comes from a distant planet where the last terrestrial settlers found refuge, before forgetting their planet of origin forever. She finds one inhabitant, a robot that has inherited all of man’s knowledge to evolve and develop consciousness. The two will fight each other first but then they will realize that they are more similar than they thought.


Matteo Scarfò, ITALY

One day, a computer bug accidentally sees the existence of human beings, and it thinks that human life is infinitely wonderful. So it begins to take a series of efforts to “evolve” itself into a human being. In the end, the bug believes that it has become infinitely close to human existence. However, everything that happens in this movie is created and controlled by a human being. Did this bug ever exist? You can take a guess.


Vance Mclean Ball, PUERTO RICO

In the times of the destruction of androids, Mateo, a patient with an artificial heart, embarks on the journey of finding the one who took care of him since the surgery: his Android.



A strange world in turmoil, a corrupt monarchy, a need for hope. Can this group of rebels pull off a coup to overthrow the evil crown and restore peace? Even though united they stand strong, sometimes that is just not enough to resist the forces of evil.

Blood like love

Francesca Floris, Fabrizio Di Palma

A strange world in turmoil, a corrupt monarchy, a need for hope. Can this group of rebels pull off a coup to overthrow the evil crown and restore peace? Even though united they stand strong, sometimes that is just not enough to resist the forces of evil.