He is a writer and a broadcaster at Radio 3 from just before the beginning of this century and, among many other radio jobs, he has lead for over five years Fallo de sistema, a weekly show dedicated to video games, fantasy, science fiction and popular science from the most interesting perspective these issues can be addressed: from wonder.

We were with him a few weeks ago at the headquarters of RNE (Spanish National Radio) in the TV studios of Prado del Rey and took the opportunity to give him our robotic questionnaire ….

Because of his meticulous way of dealing with scientific and social issues and his passion to bring the public closer to all kinds of cultural elements no matter what their format is, Santiago Bustamante s the perfect partner for a project like ROS Film Festival, which aims to combine Science and Art in an attractive and inspiring way.
When we presented the project to him, he did not hesitate to collaborate with his talent as part of our jury, and withhis radio programme, where he interviewed us when we launched the festival.

He has toiled hard in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and popular science and in this interview Santiago Bustamante offers his views on some aspects of the technological future that awaits us, especially the so-called technological singularity that, according to him, due to hisage he will not get to experience in his own flesh, because he does not agree with the forecasts given by “gurus” who predict this change within a few decades.

Imagination, rigour, passion and a sense of wonder is what Bustamante offers the audience in Fallo de sistema everySunday at 12pm on Radio 3, and what he offers the festival as a source of inspiration which we are proud to have on board.

*TN: “Retrato Robot” is a Photofit portrait or facial composite (a graphical representation of an eyewitness’s memory of a face, as recorded by a composite artist).

Translated by Olga Lledó Oliver