Short Films screening
18:00 h.

Panel discussion moderated by Gabriela Martí (Rizoma Festival))
19:00 h.

Concert HOLA TIERRA (Antonio  Arias)
21:30 h.


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The Call

Khuruts Begoña, SPAIN

Based on a story by Ray Bradbury. A new planet has been discovered in 2019. Habitable, if not for its unbreathable atmosphere. In 2020, the Basque Space Agency (B.S.A.) sends a human being to study its habitability. This planet is called Divoc.

Moon Girl Moon!

Anthony Ewert, GERMANY

A young girl is searching for paradise in an endless universe. Her journey ends as the Moon reveals a fragment of the truth. Her belief in the paradise merges with the promise of time and tells the story on the edge of reality. The analogy between pain and hope is visualized by using archived film material and typographic art.


Anthony Ewert, POLAND

Jenny the android is sent as a prisoner on a cosmic voyage. She creates an unexpected bond with ships captain Tomas. Together they reinvent their lives.


Jad Sleiman, LEBANON

After signing a strict contract for human research, two men must survive 1460 days of isolation, locked up together in deep space.


Gökalp Gönen, TURKEY

Embarked on a spaceship in the hope of finding a new habitable planet, the human trapped in his own ship after the robot overseer finds every single candidate planet unsuitable. Eventually the human finds a way out, but that will only reveal a dark secret.

The Way

Andrey Zashikhin

The debut film of the Russian animation artist Andrey Zashikhin. Filled with psychedelic images, the sci-fi film is a story of loneliness on a spaceship, whose pilot decides to maneuver through rings of a protoplanetary disk. The film combines a thoroughly worked out science fiction plot and surrealism of the protagonist’s dreams, based on the lyrics of the song. The visual solutions are inspired by the Soviet sci-fi style, and the graphics are stylized by such traditional illustrative materials as charcoal, graphite, and watercolor. The action on the screen is developing in the rhythm of the melancholic track “The Way” by the underground electro-folk group ЭД9М.

Jim Hawkins

Salim Hamzaoui, Jean Monville. FRANCE

A lost soul in the universe seeks the light that will tint his life with a thousand colors …