Art, music and artificial intelligence come together at ROS Fest 2018. We start on Friday, September 14 with great performances and shows.

At 9 pm, we will enjoy a performance of a live Turing Test in the Library at Las Naves. This show, directed by the scientific journalist, Óscar Menéndez and the robot Athena, is intended to stimulate debate on the question of whether computers can exhibit “human intelligence” or whether they will do so in the future. For this purpose, we will play a dialogue between a human being and a robot, which embodies an artificial intelligence and will introduce us, in humorous way, into ethical, philosophical and technological aspects of the evolution of machines. The audience will be immersed in the performance through the development of a Turing Test from which they will be the judges. So the attending audience will ask a series of questions when they arrive at Las Naves to four interlocutors whom they will not be able to see. Later, they will have to guess what kind of entity each of these interlocutors is: human or machine. If a machine manages to deceive 30% of the judges, it will have passed the Turing Test.

A variation of this test, devised by the mathematician Alan Turing in 1950, is the so-called Voight-Kampff Test, which is what the Blade Runners use to detect replicants.


Blade Runner, as it has rarely been seen before, with ≠DogmaCobra≠

And about Blade Runners will also be the evenings at ROS Fest 2018. Because on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 September at 6 pm in our Showroom, we will have the performance of ≠DogmaCobra≠ with their “Replicant 4D”. An audiovisual sample based on the imaginary of Philip K. Dick and that in 1982 led to the film by Ridley Scott. Blade Runner lovers can not miss this audiovisual experiment. A piece that recounts a journey through the insides of the cinematographic work, the atmospheric ambience of the film and the passages of the soundtrack created by Vangelis.


Contemporary dance between dancers and a great robot with Substuff

Night will reach ROS Fest on Friday, September 14 with a unique performance. At 11pm Substuff will start their show. A great visual, sound and body experiment that will be accompanied by the classical dancer, Juana Varela who will dance with a real robot, Baxter, one of our guest stars. Substuff will perform in the Patio at Las Naves.

All performances have free admission and tickets can be obtained at the following link: TICKETS.