The Italian shortfilm ´Blue Screen´ written by Riccardo Bolo, has won the first prize in the 2nd Edition of the ROS FILM Festvial, an international festival of of robot shortfilms.  The prize winners were announced 15 september  from the festival, located at Las Naves in Valencia (Spain).

´Daisy Belle,´ written by William Wall of the United States of America, has won 2nd place prize.

The jury also awarded three Accésits with secondary prizes: ‘The Archivist’ by Ecole Superieure des Mérits (Francia); ’The Bolt’ by Supinfocom Rubika School (Francia) and a GP-TO also for the Supinfocom Rubika School.

Accesits and Honorable Mention

In this edition, the ROS Film Festival and the jury have awarded 3 Honorable Mentions:  In the Experimental Short category, an honorable mention goes to ´Salve Regina´ by Anita Muhr (Hungary);  ´Digisexdreams´ by Joao Antunres Jr. (Brazil) has also received an honorable mention for the Music Video Shortfilm category;  A final honorable mention goes to ´Connected´ by Christopher Safola (United States of America) for the category of Distopic Futures.  

The 2nd Edition of the ROS Film Festival received 193 Short film applications from movie creators from all over the World.

The jury´s announcement of this year´s prize winners of the robotic cultural festival, ROS Fest 2018, took place last night.  ROS Fest 2018 was an event within the ROS Film Festival, which occured in Valencia on the 14th and 15th of Septeber in the Center of Innovation in ´Las Naves.´  The event exhibited an atmosphere with on screen short films, but also live robotics, presentations, concerts, and debates in which many well known worldwide professionals in the sector attended.  Technological expositions, a live group-based Turing Complete Test, short film presentations, live music, debates, and the movie Robothon, were of the many highlights of this year´s event.

The jury of the 2nd Edition ROS Film Festival was formed by Javier Ordoñez, lead professor of History of Science at UAM; Lorena Sánchez lead editor of the magazine QUO; Neal Hartman, Engineer in the Atlas Experiment at CERN, and director of the scientific films festival, CineGlobe; Guadalupe Arensburg, Director of the Short Film section of Movistar; Montxo Algora, Founder of ArtFutura, a digital creativity cultural festival.

The prizes will officially be delivered on the 4th of October in Madrid at the IROS 2018, one of the World´s largest robitic conferences.  Also at this event, the REAL Robots prize will be announced.