The second edition of ROS Film Festival will come together with the arrival of the new year. We are working to turn the festival into a worldwide reference film exponent and a link between institutions of different nature that promote convergence between art, technology and science, ROS Network.

Based on these two premises we have organised this new edition around three key pillars.

New Short Films

From the beginning of the new year until June 30, 2018 our festival will be open to all short films that, having a robot as a protagonist, want to participate and show themselves to the world. ROS Film Festival is an innovative, pioneering and international festival that has the premise of joining film and technology.

Registration of all short films will be completely FREE OF CHARGE.

All filmmakers, producers, technologists and engineers who have a short film that was made in 2016 or later, recently created or yet to be created, will be able to participate.

The short films will be grouped into two categories:

Real Robots: The android here must be real and programmable to act and interact with the other members of the cast. A commercial robot or even a self-manufactured robot can be used.

Fictional Robots: This category is aimed at those short films including a 3D animation robot, characterization and any other techniques your imagination may create.

The Festival will give up to 5,000 euros in prizes to winning short films in this II edition.

Jury’s decision

In July, and once the short films entering the contest have been published, we will organize a  Film, Robotics and Communication conference where not only the prizes will be decided but also there will be debates, meetings, round tables between professionals from different disciplines like are art, film, technology or science in order to promote one of the fundamental pillars of ROS film Festival: the creation of a debate between creators and audiences about a society in which we share our daily routine with social robots, who already nowadays or in the near future, interact with humans or among themselves.



The Festival will end in October 2018, in one of the most important events worldwide in terms of robotics, the IROS2018, that will be held in Madrid and where we will present the awards to the winning short films.

We will dress up to give the ROS Film Festival the international projection that it has and wants to consolidate.

We have a year ahead of us, and there are some other important events in view that we will be sharing as they get closer.

The second edition begins soon with the same enthusiasm with which we began the first one, which was really successful.