Workshops for children
12:30 h.

Short films screening
18:30 h.

The jury’s decision
Talk by Jordi Ojeda
20:30 h.

ELECTROJORÓBATE with Raquel Sastre
21:30 h.


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Smart You

Fabian Mosele, ITALY

Smart You, your automated self, is the latest technology that will make your life easier. Seemingly joyful advertisements, Smart You unveils the dangers and limitations of AI through the perspective of five different users.

Fujiko’s Dream

Francesco Foletto, ITALY

Fujiko falls asleep in her capsule apartment, she dreams a beetle and two girls

Meanwhile the world

Pietro Tamaro, ITALY

Two nameless characters live a repetition. Shut in a mysterious apartment, they are both totally absorbed by their very important tasks, both silently searching knowledge in their own particular way. In the meantime, outside, the world runs to its inevitable future.

Awareness of the Doll

Michał Wójcicki, POLAND

Robotic future. A world full of incredibly intelligent machines and not-so-intelligent people. World, in which science has proven the existence of a soul and found a way to use it. Brilliant, yet emotionally unstable robotics engineer (Kosma) has been recruited by his childhood friend into a ground-breaking project of soul transfer technology. The experiment, in which a cybernetic body gains a soul, ends with a big success. After that, being put aside, Kosma destroys the laboratory and yet again he submerges himself into loneliness and madness.

The Snow in the Snowball

Fer de Mata, SPAIN

A well-known info commercials host is set to shoot his latest spot about the most sophisticated product ever seen before. Despite it should be a simple task, suddenly he gets involved in the hardest sell of his life, with much more important things than money at stake.


Michaël Marie, FRANCE

It is the big day for the commercialization of iDAM, the new generation domestic humanoid, which will disrupt the daily life of many households. But up to what point?

Human error

Chung Yee Kwok, HONG KONG

In order to humanize the digital customer experience in the technology age, a custom-made robot can be built in Kikicaca laboratory. Afa has ordered a robot, named AI 906, and they developed a strange relationship.


Karin Isnotu Martínez Rodríguez

GIOVANNA a woman of strong character, very special, feminist and addicted to Ballantines, is angry because she has been witnessing several times of despot and unfair treatment and what she cannot understand is that in this era of modernity, there are still such characters who behave like that; but what outrages her most is that there are so many other characters who support such degrading behavior.

GPS Mon Amour

Javier Ideami, SPAIN

A strong couple argument during a vacation trip turns into an unexpected challenge when their temperamental GPS gets fed up with the fights and decides to rebel and take action to try to fix the situation.


Eduardo Buns, CHILE

A couple goes to design their first child to a gene-editing clinic, hoping that the kid will have the successful and happy life that has eluded them.

The Right Vintage

Trace Winter, USA

Notorious for committing multiple cybercrimes, Sonny Marcato has served his sentence in a prison stationed on the edge of a black hole, where time is essentially frozen. For his release, Sonny requested nothing more than to enjoy his favorite whisky on his way back to Earth… to celebrate what is to come.


Marcos Buccini, BRAZIL

In a barren and almost dead land, a man lights a candle and prays. A storm begins to break out. Nimbus is a fable about faith, religion and the power of nature.