After months of hard work from the organization of FIAC, the 19th edition of the Festival, in which ROS Film Festival is participating this year, was presented last October 21 at a press conference. An initiative with international projection which has its origins in León (Guanajuato), that comes back after a two-year break, with an edition described by the organization as one of the best ever, and that, for the moment, has already served the purpose of creating and strengthening cultural bonds not only in Mexico but also internationally.

The Festival will start on November 24 in the evening and it will feature 26 artistic proposals from seven different countries, gathered under the concepts of “Glitch” and Singularity, concepts on which the programmers of the festival have been working for two years, as a reflection around the electronic error.

El Caleidoscopio, organizers of ROS Film Festival,, participate in this edition, with their project Programa tu Obra (Programme your Play), a robotic drama workshop for teenagers that will end up with the performance of a theatre play focusing on the topic of singularity and on the relationship between humans and robots. Besides, a selection of the short films competing in ROS Film Festival will also be screened in the spaces devoted to audiovisual display for the film programme of the festival.

The exhibitions hosted by FIAC are organized around an axis divided into five chapters:

  • Lost signal, recovered signal: talks about the beginning of an electric failure.
  • System failure: related to Glitch.
  • Ghost in the machine: about consciousness in machines.
  • Mario is our weapon: studies the derivation of the aesthetics of videogames from Glitch.
  • Noise patterns: with which sound art will complete the exhibition narrative.

A video area with audiovisual materials will also be available to the public throughout the festival.

In addition, a film programme focusing on reflection on the topic of singularity will be held every weekday in different public spaces in the city, to ensure the dialogue with the citizens. The festival will also host the alternative bazaar Alter ego that will make the work of emerging designers and artists accessible to the public.

The Spanish artist, performer and founder of La Fura dels Baus, Marcel.lí Antúnez, will open the festival on November 24 in Teatro Doblado.

Until December 4 you can enjoy, during the Festival, musical creators like  Emika , from the UK, and  Jasmine Guffond,, from Germany, the British band  Nedry or the Guatemalan musician Rigo Pex, who mixes sounds between electronic music and  Latin rhythms like cumbia and merengue, La Furia con Lujuria Sonidera, band from Oaxaca  and many other proposals of music and dance.

Although as stated by Leonardo Ramirez Cartier, and as will be shown by the different areas of the festival, glitch and singularity define an aesthetic line that has been explored for a long time by creative communities, the FIAC is also hosting, in order to bring these concepts closer to the public of the festival, an international symposium which will be held at the  Forum Cultural de Guanajuato during November 25 and 26.

In this symposium, in Max, el nacimiento de un error desde la máquina (Max, the birth of an error from the machine), for example, Glitch and Singularity will be addressed from the legendary work of pop culture,  Max Headroom: 20 minutes into the Future, a cyberpunk film from the 80’s, in which a dystopian world infested with advertising, an artificial character is born from a short circuit, and lives like some kind of electronic ghost in the television signal.

The topic of Singularity will be analysed in these lectures from the perspectives of science, aesthetics and science fiction, with the intervention of experts like Gustavo Prado, specialist in singularity and analysis of the current social and technological  paradigm, the writers Bernardo Fernández (BEF) and Naief Yehya; the specialist in social networks Ophelia Pastrana; the Dutch theorist and curator Rosa Menkman or Tirtha Mukhopadhyay.

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