Escapes into the future, metaverses, shadow machines, androids made of skin, slaves, rebels… The first selection of short films of the fourth edition of the ROS Film Festival 2021 is a real rush. Here we show four trailers that give you an idea of the high level of the short films that have been submitted to the contest.

The last hope for freedom

In a great metropolis covered by a huge dome, poor people are turned into robots, stripped of all humanity, workers of the exploitation of the last resources of a barren land turned into a great desert. The few people who can escape this cruel fate take refuge in small cities outside the dome, surrounded by desert and pollution. To the surprise of the members of one of these cities of refuge, they find a robot in the desert, 4232, who, unlike all the other “robotized” people, retains his conscience and tells of his escape from the city. The inhabitants of this city see it as the possibility of bringing their robotized family and friends back to consciousness, so they try to find out why this seems to be the only robot that retains some humanity…

A Digital Age Tragedy 

Directed by por Philippe Safire (@PhilippeSafire), French-Armenian nationality

It takes place in Digital City, a socially and technologically advanced society. The people enjoy wide-ranging freedoms and rapid economic growth. That is until a woman reports a mysterious incident that goes unnoticed amidst the flashing lights and shrill sounds of the city. Society as a whole then faces a crisis that will lead to new relationships and a very strange discovery.

Directed by Baptiste Malbranque and Justine Hemery (Sweden)

Anna is an android. When her condition renders her obsolete, she decides to flee civilization aboard an old train, to preserve what is most precious to her. The journey and the destination are often confused.

Directed by Konrad Sniady (Poland)

When Thomas receives a strange new prisoner to transport, he doesn’t yet know how much they have in common.