Film Robothon 2018

ROS Fest 2018 will host the first Film Robothon, a hackathon in which 8 multidisciplinary teams will take part, made up of 4 to 10 people, whose goal is the creation of a short film using robots designed by themselves. And they will have to do it in a maximum time of 4 days. There are three categories at the time of registration but only one at the time of participating, the category ROBOFILM.


Robot Category

For engineers, makers or robotics fans who are willing to create a robot and join a group of filmmakers to shoot a short film in which the robot they design appears as one of the actors.

Film Category

For filmmakers who want to participate. They will have to work together with a team from the Robot Category. They must integrate the robot created by their partners as one of the characters.

RoboFilm Category

People who have created their own team of filmmakers and robots can participate in this category.

* The Robot and Film teams will be made up by the organization on September 13 at Las Naves and together they will make a single category, Robofilm.



The teams whose robot meets all the proposed challenges will get as a reward the components delivered by the organization for its manufacture.


The short films created during the Film robothon will participate in the II Edition of ROS Film Festival. They will compete for the general award in the Real Robots category and for a specific € 500 prize for the short films made during the Film Robothon.


To make the Film Roboton even more interesting, the teams will have Masterclasses taught by great professionals. Two of them will be dedicated to the “ROBOT” category  and the other two to the “FILM” category.

Film Robothon RULES


1. Object, theme and formats

The object of the Film Robothon is the creation of a robot and the production of a short film that has the robot as one of the protagonists. Both the theme and the format of the short films will be free, although they must have a maximum length of three minutes, without counting the credits and the contest bumper.

Short films can be presented in Spanish, Catalan or English.

Robots should be able to perform several challenges that will be specified when the Film Robothon begins.

Participation in the Film Robothon is free.


2. Registration and participation modalities

The Film Robothon consists of TWO PARTS, which are clearly different:

The CREATION of the robot (ROBOT)

The PRODUCTION of the short film (FILM)

The teams taking part in the Film Robothon will be able to register in THREE different CATEGORIES:

ROBOT Category : Only the CREATION of the robot (without producing the SHORT FILM)

FILM Category: Only the PRODUCTION of the short film (without creating the ROBOT)


This will make it easier for groups made up only of audiovisual creators to register in the “FILM” category, and that teams made up only of more technical profiles can register in the “ROBOT” category.

The organization of the Film Robothon will hold a draw to merge teams from the “ROBOT” category with teams from the “FILM” category, in order to generate hybrid teams (multidisciplinary) that will compete together in the OFFICIAL category, “ROBO-FILM”.

Groups wishing to participate in the Film Robothon must register through the Form>


3. Dates and schedules

The Film Robothon will take place at the same time as ROS Fest 2018 in Las Naves Innovation Centre, in Valencia. It will start at 9 a.m. on Thursday September 13. The submission deadlines for presenting works are as follows:

  • For Robots, on Saturday, September 15 at 8 p.m.
  • For Short Films, on Sunday September 23 at 10 p.m.

The robots will be delivered and presented for evaluation in public on Saturday, September 15 at 8 p.m. in Las Naves. During the presentation, the robot must make a small demo in which it will show if it meets the requirements proposed by the organization. The specific details of the demo will be provided at the beginning of the Film Robothon.

Once the evaluation of the robots by the jury is over, the organization will give them back to the participating teams to finish recording scenes with them. On Sunday, September 16 at 10 p.m. all robots will have to be delivered for good and the teams will no longer have them at their disposal, so the scenes in which the robots appear must have been previously recorded.

The short films must be submitted via Wetransfer to the email along with the details requested in the Film Robothon. No work submitted after 10 p.m. on September 23, 2018 will be eligible for the prize.


4. Space, capacity, work and recording areas allowed

The manufacture of the robots, as well as the team meetings, will take place in the courtyard, the library, the Visual Room and the Factory Room at Las Naves. These spaces will be available 24 hours a day from the beginning of the Film Robothon until Saturday, September 15 at 10 p.m. and participants are allowed to bring mattresses, mats, sleeping bags, etc … so they can rest.

The shooting and the edition of the short films can be made anywhere in the city of Valencia and its surroundings, as long as it does not involve asking for special recording permits or poses a danger to people unrelated to the Film Robothon or to anyone in general. In any case, all members of each team must wear the ROS Fest T-shirt as identification, which will be delivered in the welcome pack at the beginning of the Film Robothon.


5. Initial conditions

The type of robot and the requirements it must meet will be kept secret and it will only be announced shortly before the beginning of the Robothon, when all details will be disclosed to the teams. The teams must adapt the robot both to the objectives proposed by the organization and to the actions that it must perform in the short film, additionally adapting the script of the short film to the actions that the robot can finally perform.

All electronic components, as well as the facilities, are provided. Each team receives the same components. Each team must bring and use their own tools (soldering iron, screwdrivers, screws and nuts, multimeter, hot glue gun, drill, cutter …).

The groups can not bring any additional electronic components, having to use only and exclusively those provided. However, they must bring any type of material for the creation of the robot structure (wood, 3D printing, metal, methacrylate …) They must bear in mind to bring the necessary tools to handle these materials.

Once the Film Robothon has started, a draw will be held to assign each “ROBOT” group a “FILM” group. These should meet and lay out the design / aesthetics of the robot and the functions it will have.


6. Mentoring and Masterclasses

Throughout the Film Robothon , four Masterclasses will be given by experts in the areas involved in the challenge, who will also be able available for consultation and assistance while carrying out the work.

Two of the Masterclasses are dedicated to the “ROBOT” category and the other two to the “FILM” category .

Any team or participant will be able to attend all the masterclasses that they want regardless of their category. However, it is mandatory that at least two members of the team attend the masterclasses corresponding to their category.

“ROBOT” category teams to the 2 Masterclasses of their category.

“FILM” category teams to the 2 Masterclasses of their category.

“ROBO-FILM” category teams to the 4 Masterclasses.


7. Schedule

Registration for the event:

From June 18 to September 6, 2018.

Film Robothon:

Thursday 13, MORNING – Masterclass 1 “ROBOT”.

Thursday 13, MORNING – Explanation of the development of the projects. Teams draw and meetings.

Thursday 13, AFTERNOON – Masterclass 2 “ROBOT”.

Thursday 13, AFTERNOON – Distribution of material. Beginning of the creation of the robots and the shooting of the short films.

Friday 14, MORNING – Masterclass 1 “FILM”.

Friday 14, AFTERNOON – Masterclass 2 “FILM”.

Saturday 15 at 9 p.m. – Robots Presentation in public.

Sunday 16 at 10 p.m. – Robots delivery to the organization.

Short Film delivery:

Sunday 23 at 10 p.m. – Short films delivery.


8. Registration requirements

Registration will be open from June 18 to September 6, 2018. The organization reserves the right to close registrations prior to this date in the event that participation places are completed.

Groups of two or more people can register, of any nationality and over 18 years old. Groups registered in the categories “ROBOT” or “FILM” will be made up of a maximum of five people. The teams in the category “ROBO-FILM” may have up to 10 members. Registration will be carried out through the web form created for this purpose. Each team must submit a dossier describing previous related works, and may include audiovisual material. All this is to assess the profile of the teams and their viability in the competition. If you do not have any previous related work, you must point it out when you register.


9. Team selection

ROS Film Festival organization will make a selection of the teams that will finally participate in the Film Robothon. A maximum of 8 teams will be selected per category, that is, 8 “ROBOFILM” categories will participate in the end, either because the participants have signed up for this category directly or because of the merger created by the organization between the categories “FILM” and “ROBOT”.


10. Winning projects

ROS Film Festival Jury will be responsible for the selection of the winning short film and the winning robot.

Short films must be original and unreleased works and the organization is not responsible for possible infractions in terms of copyright in which the works may incur.

The assessment requirements of the winning robot will be revealed at the beginning of the Film Robothon.

The call may be declared totally or partially void and the decisions of the jury will be unappealable.


11. Awards

The groups whose robot meets all the proposed challenges, will get as a reward the components delivered by the organization for its manufacture.

Short films:
The short films created during the Film Robothon will participate in the II Edition of the ROS Film Festival ( These short films will be eligible for the general award in the Real Robots category and a specific € 500 prize for the short films made during the Film Robothon.


12. Expulsion  policy

Noncompliance with the general rules, as well as any other kind of unethical behaviour, will be cause of exclusion.


13 Legal conditions

13.1. Commitments of the participants

It is the responsibility of the participants to have rights of exhibition of the materials included in the works for competition (use of material from third parties, appearance of people, minors, etc.).

Participating short films must comply with current legislation regarding copyright and the right to intimacy and privacy of individuals. Therefore, participants guarantee that the submitted short films do not violate the current legislation in terms of exploitation rights, rights to honour, privacy or image, or intellectual and / or industrial property rights and / or any other rights of third parties .

Film Robothon organization declines all legal responsibility over the films submitted to the contest and their content.

The participants will grant permits to ROS Film Festival for the dissemination of the works, in the conditions that are specified in point 13.2 of these rules.

13.2. Dissemination of works

The short films sent for competition will be screened in ROS Film Festival communication channels.

Participating in the contest implies that the authors will give to El Caleidoscopio Proyectos de Ciencia y Cultura Ltd., free of charge, for an indefinite period, with ease of assignment to third parties, and without being exclusive, the rights of reproduction, public communication and distribution of the short film and / or fragments thereof, through any channel.

The authors of the short films authorize the festival to use, reproduce, circulate, print, publish and disseminate through any means of communication, the names and images of the person in charge and the technical team that created the short film, for acts of dissemination of the short films.

13.3. Privacy policy

The participants authorize El Caleidoscopio Proyectos de Ciencia y Cultura Ltd.  to handle automatically the data collected in the pre-entry and participation forms for Film Robothon to receive information about the contest and related topics of interest to the user.

In any case, the participants may contact the organization in order to access, rectify or cancel their data through

El Caleidoscopio Proyectos de Cultura y Ciencia Ltd.,  as the organization responsible for the data file obtained from the Film Robothon forms, will ensure the correct compliance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data.


14. Acceptance of the rules

Attending the present call implies the acceptance of its rules and its resolution, which will be unappealable, as well as the waiver of any type of claim. Exceptionally and for duly justified reasons, El Caleidoscopio reserves the right to modify the wording of the rules in order to clarify or specify their content, without involving any substantial or arbitrary alteration.

Download the Rules >

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