ROS FEST 2018 is a robotics, cinema and communication marathon  that will take place on September 14 – 15 at Las Naves, Innovation Centre in Valencia.

It is an event within ROS Film Festival, the first international short film festival featuring robots, and where the members of our jury will gather to decide the awards of the festival’s second edition and where we have organized many different activities.

An event that will bring you closer to technology and film industry through round tables, talks, short film screenings, live music, Networking meetings, performances, masterclasses with film and engineering professionals, Expo Showroom where the audience will be able to see some of the latest developments in the robotics sector, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or Film Robothon, the first hackathon by multidisciplinary teams, made up of 8 to 10 participants each, whose aim is the creation of a short film using robots created by themselves.

An event to which you are all invited!