Radio 3

Radio 3 is a Spanish radio station broadcasting nationwide that belongs to Radio Nacional de España, a Spanish national radio channel directed by Tomás Fernando Flores.

The contents of the radio programmes focus mainly on exploring different musical genres away from the mainstream and the charts, such as indie, alternative rock, electronic music or hip hop. It also offers special themed programmes devoted to other kinds of music that have no place in commercial radio stations, such as Spanish folk music, flamenco, world musics, jazz, country, blues, Brazilian music, heavy metal, punk or new age.

Apart from music, Radio 3 also deals with culture, literature, films, technology, drama, visual arts and creativity, always emphasizing and supporting the most innovative and original proposals in each discipline.

Feedback Ciencia

Feedback Ciencia is a Science and Culture Project created by Angeles Gomez, PhD in Molecular Biology and journalist, who is interested in culture as a vehicle for the promotion of Science, particularly the cinema, with sections such as “ Scientific Spoilers “ or through programmes such as Science and Action, in RNE (Spanish National Radio). Through podcasts, reports andcollaborations in RNE, Feedback Ciencia has welcomedfilm robots such as Chappie, Baymax, or Samantha playing roles of police officer, superhero or personal assistant. Thanks to ROS Film Festival we hope to increase the array of robots and their circumstances on the screen.


MakinAcción is a Co-op of emotional communicationand transmedia, which performs functions of strategic consulting, production of activities and / or events, training and innovation techniques, from a tailor-madeapproach and a special focus on participation, conversation and playing with the audience.