Carlos Salgado

Illustrator, comics creator and editor, graphic designer, TV spots director. A referent as a designer and illustrator of storyboards, concept artist and matte painting in many different works and feature films.

He began his journey in the world of film and advertising with User T38, developing Storyboards and Concept Art for directors like JC Fresnadillo, Gabe Ibañez, Alejandro Amenabar, Mateo Gil, Nacho Cerdá, Eduardo Chapero Jackson, Gonzalo López Gallego, Sergio G. Sanchez, JL German, Guillermo del Toro, and for brands like Coca Cola, Movistar, Sony, etc.

Alongside his work as an illustrator for film and advertising, he works as a director, primarily in advertising animation projects (Los Nadie – Africa Directo), film credits (Torrente 5 Operación Eurovegas, No lo llames amor…llámalo X) or films (the animation sequences from Verbo).