Feedback Ciencia

Feedback Ciencia is a Science and Culture Project created by Angeles Gomez, PhD in Molecular Biology and journalist, who is interested in culture as a vehicle for the promotion of Science, particularly the cinema, with sections such as “ Scientific Spoilers “ or through programmes such as Science and Action, in RNE (Spanish National Radio). Through podcasts, reports andcollaborations in RNE, Feedback Ciencia has welcomedfilm robots such as Chappie, Baymax, or Samantha playing roles of police officer, superhero or personal assistant. Thanks to ROS Film Festival we hope to increase the array of robots and their circumstances on the screen.

Miguel Hernández University

UMH is a public university located in Elche (Alicante, Spain) that offers best quality education and research. Its goals are those of the university spirit: to fully educate its students from plural and tolerant thinking, as well as to try to cooperate in the solution of the problems that affect our society.


QUO is one of the most important Spanish magazines in terms of scientific dissemination. It is published monthly. Its contents address issues of health, science, technology, history, ecology, technology, nutrition, psychology and human life. It also deals with the fundamental doubts that the human being has regarding the world we live in. It was launched for the first time in 1995 and to this day it continues to revolutionize the publishing sector both for the issues it addresses as for the way of approaching and presenting them.


The Cotec Foundation is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to promote innovation as a driving force of economic and social development. His Majesty King Felipe VI is the Honorary President. Since 2001 there has also been Cotec Italia, and since 2003, Cotec Portugal.

Cotec was created in 1990 at the initiative of King Juan Carlos I. From its beginnings, it stood out for its intense work at the service of technological innovation among Spanish companies. In fulfilling this mission, Cotec excelled particularly in two activities: serving as an observatory of R&D&I in Spain, and providing analysis and advice on Innovation, Technology and Economics.

In 2015 Cotec decided to broaden its challenges to become a true agent of change that contributes to the development of the Spanish economy and society. In order to fulfill this mission, it sets off with a more ambitious definition of the concept of innovation: Innovation is all change (not only technological) based on knowledge (not only scientific) that generates value (not only economic).


Las Naves is a public entity which depends on Valencia City Council and promotes urban innovation with a clear commitment to people, bringing them to the centre of innovative action.

Therefore, they aim to: directly or indirectly improve the quality of life of every single person who lives in the city of Valencia and for this purpose they have the active involvement of actors from the so-called “four propellers”: public sector, private sector, academic / research sector and civil society.

Their effort and dedication focuses especially on 5 strategic sectors: mobility, energy and water, agri-food, health and healthy city, creative and cultural industry.

IROS 2018

IROS is the most important academic congress in the world in terms of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, which has been held in cities such as Chicago, Hamburg, Vancouver or Daejeon (Korea). It covers the most important advances in robotics and it will be held in Madrid in 2018.


MakinAcción is a Co-op of emotional communicationand transmedia, which performs functions of strategic consulting, production of activities and / or events, training and innovation techniques, from a tailor-madeapproach and a special focus on participation, conversation and playing with the audience.


CineGlobe is the International Film Festival at CERN. From the 29th June to 8th July, 2018. With the theme Intelligent Futures CineGlobe will examine our legacy and our future, from human intelligence to artificial intelligence. Taking place at the Globe, CERN, and at the Nuit de la Science in Geneva, CineGlobe will offer 9 days of exciting events for young and old alike.