Short Film Submission

Before submitting the short films, participants must carry out the pre-entry. Pre-Entry deadline extended, November 20, 2016

Once the pre-entry has been done, participants must send in a single package with the short film and the related materials listed below, before November 20, 2016.

Delivery will be made in a single package of 2 GB maximum, using wetransfer, to the email address with the formats and annexes mentioned in this section as well as in the rules.

Format and annexes to be included in delivery

Short film and additional audiovisual material (making of, outtakes, etc.)

The short film videos submitted for competition, as well as the additional material will be sent in H264 encoded MP4 format with a maximum size of 700 MB and 16: 9 format.

The short films must include two identifying bumpers from the ROS Film Festival, one at the beginning and one at the end, and their format must not be altered. Download them here.

Participants must keep a screening copy in full HD of the short film, that will be required by the organization of ROS Film Festival if the short film becomes finalist, for its screening in cinemas and festivals.

For each short film submitted, you can include an extra video with additional material (outtakes, making of, tributes and references).

The maximum length is 8 minutes for the short films and 3 minutes for the additional material.

Promotional images

-Poster of the film in .jpg format, with a size of 154 x 218 pixels and a maximum weight of 70 kb.

-Frame extracted from the short film of 1000 x 570 pixels and a maximum weight of 400Kb, also in .jpg format, without typography or subtitles.

Technical data sheet

Download the technical data sheet, fill it in and send it along with the rest of files in your project.

How to use WeTransfer?

Wetransfer is an online application that allows sending files up to 2GB in size per shipment. The application is free and it requires no registration or installation.

To access, visit the website:

The process is very simple:

1. Click on Add Files and choose the files you want to send (minimum short film, poster, frame and technical data)

2. Enter the email address to send your files and take part in the festival.

3. Enter your own email address.

4. Enter the name of the person in charge (the one who carried out the pre-entry) and the title of the short film in the Message field.

5. Click on Transfer and file upload will start.

6. The application will let you know when the transfer has been completed.

Confirmation of participation in the festival

Once we have downloaded the materials and checked that they meet the requirements, the organization of ROS Film Festival will send an email to the person in charge of the work, confirming participation in the festival.

If a file is missing or it has any correctable errors, it will be pointed out by email to the contact person, who will have a period of 48 hours to correct such errors.