Short Film Festival

ROS Film Festival was born with the intention of generating synergies between the worlds of art and technology, through audiovisual media and around the figure of the robot.

If you are a film director, producer, technologist, engineer … you can participate in the ROS Film Festival by submitting one or more short films to the competition. Check the Rules and choose between our two official sections:

Official Section

Real Robots

Short films where at least one of the actors is a programmable robot with the ability to speak, express emotions or interact with humans and other robots. It is possible to use any kind of programmable robots, of your own creation, commercial, research prototypes, etc.

Fictional Robots

Short films in which at least one of the actors is a non-programmable robot, that is, not including electronic and computerized elements that enable programming. They can be purchased or made by the participants, created through animation techniques or represented by actors through characterization. In this section, works will also be accepted if one of the central characters represents an artificial intelligence, with or without physical form.

Section Out of Competition

Section out of competition “Advertising”

Audiovisuals where the story focuses on the promotion or sales of real robots or other artificial intelligences, with or without physical form. In this category, stories about the dissemination and/or diffusion of robotics in general and its integration into society will be accepted.

Section out of competition “Videogames”

Will be accepted plot sequence in videogames that focus on stories where at least one of the main characters is a robot or adventures in a highly robotized world.

Check the rules and send your short film: FilmFreeway

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