ROS Film Festival – II Edition

ROS Film Festival will present its 2nd Edition on Wednesday, January 24 at the COTEC Foundation, which will open its doors to the first international robotic short film festival for the events we have organized for its presentation.

An afternoon full of activities that will start at 12 p.m., with an intervention by the Director of COTEC, Jorge Barrero and the director of the Festival, Ricardo Domínguez. Both will present this new edition of the festival that comes with many new features in the official sections and also some news out of the competition.

At 12:15 p.m. a live Turing Test will take place. Santiago Bustamante, Director and Presenter of Fallo de Sistema and Superpodcast on Radio3, will lead this experiment with the participation of Ángeles Gómez from Feedback Ciencia and RNE and  ROSBot as an Artificial Intelligence. Both of them will try to answer the question: Robot or human, could you tell them apart only by talking?

The event will end at 1 p.m. with the debate table How do we interact with robots? where Fernando Broncano, a philosopher and a professor at UC3M; Concha Monje, robotics expert from Roboticslab  at UC3M; Jorge Barrero, General Director of the Cotec Foundation for Innovation; Ángeles Gómez from Feedback Ciencia and RNE, will discuss our present and future relationship with robots. Santiago Bustamante will act as moderator.

An event where we will present the festival itself but where we also want to highlight one of the main aims of ROS Film Festival, which is to create a bridge of union and convergence between professionals from different disciplines that combine criteria, knowledge and opinions in what we have called, ROS Network.

On January 24, we take one more step forward on our path to keep on growing.

ROS Film Festival – II Edition

ROS Film Festival will open the submission period for creators, filmmakers and technologists to enter their short films in January 2018.

A period that will end in June 2018 and during which you can submit your work to any of the categories of the festival: Real Robots, Fictional Robots, Advertising and Videogames.

It should also be noted that participants may submit as many short films as they wish, for one or both official sections with one stipulation: that a short film can only compete in one of the two official sections. Therefore, a different registration must be made for each of the submitted short films.

The great celebration of robotic cinema

ROS Film Festival will reach one of its most important moments in September 2018. During that month, there will be a conference that will grant a physical presence to the Festival and where the jury’s awards will be decided.

It will be held Las Naves (Valencia, Spain) and in addition to announcing the winning short films, we will organize debates, round tables and other events with first-line professionals from the film industry, communication and science.

A meeting in which the winners of this second edition will be announced and where we also intend to reflect on the issues raised by ROS Film Festival: How will we interact with robots? Will they ever emancipate from humans?

ROS Film Festival puts on its Sunday best

The Festival will be present at IROS2018, an annual academic congress that covers advances in robotics and is organized by IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. IROS is the most important event in the world in its field and has been held in cities like Chicago, Hamburg, Vancouver or Daejeon (Korea).

In October 2018, IROS2018 will be held in Madrid and there we will culminate our festival with the organization of different activities, such as the Awards Ceremony of the second edition of ROS Film Festival.