The ROS Film Festival aims to create, in addition to the festival, a stable structure based on networks of nodes, like the ROS (Robotic Operating System), called ROS Network.

The core of the network would be the ROS FIlm Festival, formed by the festival promoters and their collaborators, specialized in film, scientific communication and audiovisual content management.

In addition, ROS NETWORK is composed by the following types of nodes and its connections:

  • Research centers in robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Promotion and training centers on film, visual arts and multimedia.
  • Training and reflection centers on Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Bioethics.
  • Manufacturers, FabLabs, and open source hardware organizations related to robotics…

The nodes provide to the network:

  • Testimonies of its members through interviews.
  • Dissemination of the festival among their community.
  • Encouraging participation in the festival, establishing concrete actions to promote participation in any of the sections of the festival.
  • Dissemination content on robotics, ethics of technology, art and technology.

Thus, institutions that make up the ROS NETWORK are involved in a great scope and social impact project that promotes convergence between art, science and technology. They also get visibility in specialized sectors converging their work area and at the grassroots level.

ROS NETWORK also aims, through this convergence, to promote a participatory design of technologies with a positive impact for the common good. It also aims at serving as a tool for organizations involved in technological development to exercise their social responsibility.